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Youth can make a difference. No matter if you want to make a big or small contribution, collectively we can make a big impact. Our first international mission to South Africa was completed July 2006. We achieved more than we imagined because of continued dedication of all our volunteers and members.

Here is what we’ve achieved:
The South Africa Mission is officially completed. The mission was a huge success and report booklets will be published soon.

  • Impacted the lives of over 350 youth under the age of 21
  • Educated others about HIV/AIDS myths and facts and clarified local rumours.
  • Provided over 200 children with necessary art supplies like pencil crayons, sharpeners, pens, and notebooks.
  • Distributed 500 condoms around the country with instructions explaining the proper procedures.
  • Supplied more than 19 000 tablets of nutritional herbal supplements from Cape Town to Johannesburg.
  • Donated sports equipment which was left behind after each sports component of the workshop.
  • Encouraged youth involvement and sustainability of ‘task force work’ in rural regions like Tembisa
  • Befriended children and youth, providing encouragement and moral support.
  • Targeted specific rural areas and pinpointed the most deprived groups.