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Lead: Event Day

It’s crunch time! After all of your hard work and planning it is now time to make it all real. On the actual day of the event, you must make sure that everyone has lots of fun and stays occupied, if there is any downtime, participants will start to crash.

People do not have to stay at your venue if they are unable to; they may go home, though it should be discouraged since there won’t be any supervision. At the venue, have some of your volunteers and committee members supervise the participants and run activities.

If everyone is kept busy enough, no one will notice the time or have the opportunity to complain about how tired they are. Add in random HIV and AIDS Facts, create games, and invite guest speakers. However, near the end of the 24 Hour Wake, time should be set aside (maybe a few minutes) to reflect on the purpose of the Wake; that being the experience of how your body feels to have a weakened immune system and how those who do have AIDS feel like this all the time. Afterwards, feel free to go out and celebrate right at the very end. Congratulations!