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Participate: Benefits of Fundraising

The 24 Hour wake can be one of the most rewarding activities that you will participate in throughout your lifetime. As you collect donations from friends, family and acquaintances, you are spreading awareness about a devastating epidemic, HIV and AIDS.

Through organizing, participating and supporting this event you are simultaneously learning, educating and privileging the people around you. From this event, you will meet people who have a very different level of knowledge in the topic of HIV and AIDS. This will give you the chance to strengthen interpersonal skills by sharing experiences, knowledge and ways of prevention. Your leadership abilities are displayed by your dedication to the event.

The time invested in educating people, spreading awareness, collecting donations, and most importantly dedicating 24 hours to participating in the event all pays off when you know that without your involvement, children across the world who live in third world countries would not be able to receive the support that is given to them by Children’s AIDS Health Program.

Why Fundraise?

  • Gain Leadership Experience
  • Strengthen Interpersonal, Teamwork and Communication Skills
  • Learn How to Organize an Event
  • Help Under Privileged Children Across the World
  • Meet New Friends, Leaders and Activists like Yourself.
  • Learn More About HIV and AIDS
  • Educate Others About HIV and AIDS
  • Give Back to Your Community
  • Earn Volunteer Hours