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Getting Donors and Sponsors is Easy! Inform your family, co-workers, professors, classmates and neighbours of the 24 Hour Wake and see if they are interested in sponsoring you for the event. Show them the pledge form and inform them about tax receipts that are available when they make a donation.

If your sponsor requires more information, give them the website and explain to them where the money is going! Learn more about the 24 Hour Wake by going to About the Wake.

You may be surprised by how much you can raise with a few dollars from each person! Try asking 10 people to donate $10.00, or 20 people to donate $5.00. Or, what about 5 people, to donate $1.00 for every hour you’re awake!

Create a list of all your friends, family and colleagues that would support you and ask them for their support. Always have your donation form when approaching donors, mention to them that over 50% of people infected with HIV and AIDS are between the ages of 15- 24 years old. Let them know that they can truly see an impact by supporting the cause.