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The 53rd meeting of UNAIDS' Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) in Geneva, Switzerland

December 14, 2023

LetsStopAIDS, Canada's largest Youth-HIV charity, is elected to represent North America at UNAIDS

LetsStopAIDS will be represented by Shamin Mohamed Jr., who has advocated for youth involvement in the global HIV response for almost two decades. GENEVA, Dec 13, 2023 – In a significant development for HIV advocacy, LetsStopAIDS, Canada's largest youth-driven HIV charity, has been elected as the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) delegate for North America at the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). The election, which underscores the charity's growing influence in the global HIV response, occurred during the 53rd session of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) in Geneva. Shamin Mohamed Jr., who has been at the forefront of promoting youth involvement in HIV-related issues for almost twenty years, will lead LetsStopAIDS in this new role. "This is a milestone for LetsStopAIDS and our network of volunteers and a testament to the dedication and impact of our work," stated Mohamed Jr. "Our representation at UNAIDS marks a significant step forward in advocating for Canadian and North American youth in the global fight against HIV." Shamin has become a widely recognized activist for his significant contributions to youth involvement in the global HIV response. At the age of 15, Shamin founded LetsStopAIDS while in High School in Toronto in response to his principal, who discouraged him from being engaged with HIV activism.  Shamin's efforts as a youth leader were awarded when he was named one of Canada’s ‘Top 20 under 20’. Almost twenty years later, LetsStopAIDS has grown to become Canada's largest Youth-HIV charity. Under his leadership, LetsStopAIDS has extended its reach to over 72 countries, promoting a sex-positive and comprehensive approach to sexual health. During his dynamic journey as an activist, Shamin became a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Shortly after completing his degree in Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, he became co-founder of DECIEM, a multinational beauty company that revolutionized the skincare industry. As a result of his business success, Shamin possesses a unique perspective on organizational leadership. He has taken what he’s learned from his work with DECIEM and continues to grow LetsStopAIDS. “I look forward to joining UNAIDS in the global fight to eradicate new infections of HIV.” About LetsStopAIDS LetsStopAIDS is Canada's largest Youth-HIV charity focused on fostering youth leadership and enhancing awareness about HIV and sexual health among youth aged 15 to 29. With a vast network of volunteers worldwide, LetsStopAIDS implements educational initiatives, research, community engagement, and skills development programmes in Canada and internationally. With programming reaching over 200,000 youth globally, LetsStopAIDS plays a crucial role in developing effective awareness strategies for HIV prevention and in actively combating HIV-related stigma within young communities. In 2023, LetsStopAIDS released the findings of the  Sex Lives Report , a nationally representative survey that investigates the sexual behaviour of Canadian youth and the intersection with HIV/STI prevention. Learn more at  LetsStopAIDS.org

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Teacher writing on a chalkboard teaching about SexEd

news - October 23, 2023

LetsStopAIDS report: Canadian youth unhappy with sex-ed

By Interesting Engineering.

Many students polled resort to the internet for information due to the inadequate education provided in classrooms. Recently, a national survey conducted by LetsStopAIDS, a youth-driven Canadian charity aiming to raise awareness about HIV , found that Canadian youth are dissatisfied with the quality of sexual education they received. The findings were derived from 1,090 Canadians aged between 18 and 24 represented in the LetsStopAIDS Sex Lives Report 2023 . LetsStopAIDS–a Toronto-based think tank aimed to understand the youth’s relationship with their sexuality, knowledge of HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention, and experiences with sex education through the survey.  Traditional methods hinder sex-education "Our findings were loud and clear,” ​​Gabrial Brown, a research analyst at LetsStopAIDS, told CBC's Edmonton AM . “The conventional methods of addressing sexuality are obsolete, more so in today's age that values equality, diversity, and respect." The findings implied that traditional methods of addressing sexuality in classrooms, for instance, were outdated and stressed that a more comprehensive and positive approach to sexual education is needed.  Brown noted that although sex education supplied students with a wealth of scientific information, it significantly lacked practical knowledge and skills, leaving those surveyed with unresolved queries. Alluding to sex education, the report asserted that abundant scientific information on topics such as anatomy, pregnancy, and STIs was provided, but the classes heavily lacked practical knowledge or skills that could be applied in real life. Two out of three young Canadians surveyed felt that sex-ed did not prepare them for sex. For example, the respondents believed that the sex-ed curriculum was stigmatized and “abstinence-focused,” which may have originated from teachers' discomfort with the topic of sex. Key findings Additionally, less than five percent of respondents recalled being taught about other main HIV prevention methods, such as PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) in their sex-ed classes. The report found that 19 percent of Canadian youth also recollected learning about gender identity, while 37 percent felt that sex-ed mainly emphasized abstinence. Findings also noted a significant decrease in condom usage since 2020. A total of 33 percent of sexually active Canadian youth mentioned not using condoms during sex in the past six months.  The percentage of youth who consistently used condoms during intercourse dropped from 53 percent in 2020 to 23 percent in 2023. Even though platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are widely used, only a limited percentage of young respondents–19 percent and 15 percent, respectively relied on social media platforms for sexual health information.  Instead, many resorted to the internet for information due to the inadequate education provided in classrooms. Regarding STI and HIV testing , a significant 80 percent of young Canadians did not undergo regular testing in the past six months. Although, 27 percent of young Canadians diagnosed with STI(s) and/or HIV did not receive necessary treatment. Finn St Dennis, a research and evaluation manager for the Queer and Trans Health Collective in Edmonton, expressed that the findings of the report did not come as a surprise.  He cited the report, saying that many issues discussed are seen in Edmonton because of differences in sex education. The Queer and Trans Health Collective hears about these challenges from community members who face similar problems as their straight and cisgender peers. "They're also facing additional barriers when you have teachers that aren't teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity, and aren't necessarily comfortable or prepared to have those conversations," the report stated. The report was initiated to enable improved communication with the government to improve sex-ed curriculum in Canada, according to Brown. CBC stated that without the engagement, young Canadian individuals will continue to experience rising STI rates and retain knowledge gaps about sex.  Brown said: "It's such a crucial and dire situation. This is a real problem we need to address in Canada." View full report here .

NoTimeToWait 2023 - Flip The Switch Poster

news - October 18, 2023

NoTimeToWait By LetsStopAIDS Is Back And Ready To “Flip The Switch”

By IN Magazine.

Canada’s largest youth-HIV leadership event is back… NoTimeToWait by LetsStopAIDS is back for a 4th year with a hybrid event on Friday October 20th and Saturday October 21st at the TMU Student Centre in Toronto! Tickets are free for ages 21 and under and available for youth across the world. It’s set to be an inspiring and invigorating event, bringing together a community of passionate youth. Along with the event, LetsStopAIDS is releasing the illuminating results of this year’s Sex Lives report that focuses on the state of sex education in Canada.    “ Flip the Switch “ NoTimeToWait was born out of a desire to take action about the rising Youth-HIV rates in Canada and is the nation’s largest Youth-HIV leadership event. This year’s theme is “Flip the Switch.” It’s all about inspiring change by shedding light on HIV-related issues and changing the narrative around HIV  and AIDS. This year’s event will be jam-packed with inspiring speakers, storytellers, performers, artists, workshops, networking, and social events! You’ll hear from like-minded people on topics related to health equity, dating, sex, and relationships. The event will feature even more youth this year who have never had the opportunity to take up space at an event of this scale before. Meet A Few Of This Year’s Speakers This year NoTimeToWait by LetsStopAIDS has so many passionate and brilliant speakers… but here’s just a few. Head to the NoTimeToWait’s website  for the full lineup.  Arihant Boli (he/him) Arihant Boli is an optimistic leader, who believes in the power of youth involvement & technology to help end the HIV/AIDS epidemic, depicted in his HIV advocacy ventures, such as the co-founder of SexWell & the Community Outreach team-lead at LetsStopAIDS.  Risa Naytowhow (she/her) ICARE Coordinator (Intercultural Connections and Anti-racism engagement) Risa Naytowhow is a Cree woman from Sturgeon Lake First Nations Saskatchewan. She is an anti-racism educator and the coordinator for a program called “ICARE” which educates about decolonization and anti-racism. Juliet Joslyn Amoli (she/her) Social Scientist Juliet Joslyn Amoli is a social scientist from Makerere University in Uganda. Juliet is passionate about leadership, skilling and HIV prevention advocacy among young people. She has vast experience as a sexual reproductive health advocate, researcher, gender and development practitioner. Eva Bloom (they/she) Sex Educator & Speaker Eva Bloom is an award-winning non-binary, queer sex educator and speaker. They have spoken at institutions including Cornell University and the University of Toronto and educated over 3 million people across the globe via their digital platform. Tim Lagman (he/they) Tim Lagman is a board certified sexology educator with the American Board of Sexology and a pleasure advocate based in Toronto, Canada. He began his sexual journey through escorting where he worked with a number of clients from different backgrounds and all walks of life ranging from couples, individuals, poly relationships, and everything in between. It is his mission in life to make sex fun and funny as he loves to make people laugh and believes in the curative powers of hilarity. Sex Lives Report ⁠ Last year, LetsStopAIDS inaugural Sex Lives Report took the temperature on the state of sex among youth, with a focus on understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sexual behaviour of young Canadians. The main findings showed that the pandemic had a significant impact on their sex lives. We also found that knowledge of HIV prevention methods is very low – only 26% of youth know about PrEP, 20% know about PEP, and only 11% know what U=U is. LetsStopAIDS is excited to share the results of  this year’s Sex Lives Report  that focuses on the state of sex education in Canada. This enlightening report found that Canadian Youth felt that Sex-Ed classes provided them with an abundance of scientific information on anatomy, pregnancy and STIs, but it severely lacks practical knowledge or skills that may be used in real life. For example, 2 out of 3 young Canadians surveyed felt that Sex-Ed did not make them feel prepared for sex, and less than 5% remember being taught about other main HIV prevention methods such as PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis)  and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis).  The results of both of these reports highlight the importance of empowering youth to “Flip the Switch.” ⁠ Get Involved  ⁠ There are so many ways to get involved with NoTimeToWait: you can volunteer, be an ambassador, a sponsor, or partner. It’s a great opportunity to be a changemaker in your community, build your leadership skills, and earn certificates to add to your resume! Take a deep dive with us into how HIV affects young Canadians and help LetsStopAIDS achieve their goal of zero new infections by 2030. There is no time to wait. Visit  letsstopaids.org  for more information. View full article here.

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