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Let us tell you a little more about ourselves

Our Vision


LetsStopAIDS is Canada's largest youth-driven HIV charity. Since 2004, LetsStopAIDS has encouraged youth leadership as a way to accelerate the HIV response globally. With 10+ global projects, LetsStopAIDS implements youth-led educational initiatives, research, community engagement, and skills development programmes

Our Purpose


The HIV response has advanced on many fronts, but sometimes awareness has been pushed aside. LetsStopAIDS believes that awareness is the key to behavioural change. For 19 years, we have focused on engaging young people around issues of HIV prevention and safer sex by empowering them across the world through knowledge exchange, education, and promoting safe practices.


We believe in the power of community. Involving and encouraging youth leadership is the way to accelerate the HIV response. LetsStopAIDS' mission is to plant a seed and a spark movement of young leaders working to build a healthier, brighter future.

Our Values



Everything we know about HIV, we share with our communities through awareness, programmes, events. As a volunteer-driven organization, our strength comes from working collaboratively.



Creativity and innovation are at the heart of our actions. LetsStopAIDS pushes against societal expectations of youth and never backs down from challenge.



LetsStopAIDS believes youth must be included in creating meaningful solutions. We respect the authenticity of every young person and value their unique backgrounds and experiences.

Our Story

LetsStopAIDS was founded in 2004 by 15-year-old Shamin Mohamed Jr alongside his peers. Looking at his school community, Shamin realized that many of his classmates were going through challenges and no one was interested in discussing issues that affected them, such as their sexual and reproductive lives.

He decided to set up a charity. When he first sought support, his principal underestimated the idea. But Shamin didn't give up. A powerful action any young person can take is to say no under pressure.

In 2023, 19 years later, LetsStopAIDS has had over 220,000+ youth and 10,800 volunteers involved in our programmes. As a recognition of our global efforts, LetsStopAIDS was elected as the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) delegate for North America at the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). 

LetsStopAIDS is volunteer-driven, led by young people globally who truly care about their local communities and the importance of youth leadership and activism. We have fostered an open environment where all are welcome, regardless of gender, class, sexuality, religion, HIV status, or location. To date, we have 400+ volunteers annually across 21 countries who are revitalising how we think about Youth-HIV programming.

Shamin Mohamed Jr., Founder & President of LetsStopAIDS

“All it takes is one action to make one dream a reality”

- Shamin Mohamed Jr.

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Our Volunteers

LetsStopAIDS puts 400+ Global Volunteers at the core of the charity.

Whether or not our time together has been a single event or since the very beginning, each of you have brought a unique perspective and talent that have helped LetsStopAIDS become one step closer to our vision.


Shamin Mohamed Jr. - President and Founder of LetsStopAIDS

Shamin Mohamed Jr.

Founder & President

Gerson Scheidweiler - Executive Advisor at LetsStopAIDS

Gerson Scheidweiler, Ph.D.

Executive Advisor

Tatiana Goulart - National Manager at LetsStopAIDS

Tatiana Goulart, MBA, PMP

National Manager

Nandini Sood - International Manager at LetsStopAIDS

Nandini Sood

International Manager

Dana Won - Digital Content and Brand Identity Manager at LetsStopAIDS

Dana Won

Digital Content & Brand Identity Manager

Tadek Chmiel - Development Manager at LetsStopAIDS

Tadek Chmiel

Development Manager

Amit Sangha, People and Culture Manager at LetsStopAIDS

Amit Sangha

People & Culture Manager

Board of Directors

Board Member, Paul Cadiente

Paul Cadiente

Board Chair

Board Member, Justin Burns

Justin Burns, CFRE

Board Member

Board Member, Rajesh Pisharody

Rajesh Pisharody M.Sc, M.Ed, MPH

Board Member

Board Member, Lia D'Abate

Lia D'Abate, Ph.D


Board Member - Guru Sivapalan

Guru Sivapalan, CPA, CA


NAAC Members

The National Action & Advisory Council brings valued perspectives, expertise, and lived experiences to the discussion on how we can create, implement, and continuously improve our national programmes. The council aims to represent and amplify the voices of those in communities who have been deeply affected by HIV.

Amber Chohan

NAAC Member

Veda Jain

NAAC Member

Sarena Akhter

NAAC Member

Shreya Chatterjee

NAAC Member

LetsStopAIDS is always looking for enthusiastic young volunteers (age 15-30) to join our Action & Advisory Council.

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